How it all began

The history of Hadgertes begins with an unusual offer, which Andrei Hrustaljov received from one of clients while being a beginning adviser on real estate. This client offered him to sell the whole apartment house in one of historical centers of Tallinn. This bargain can be called ‘Mission impossible ’ because it required negotiations on real estate selling with all house owners, having a limited budget. The majority of owners agreed, but there were those who put spokes in his wheel and interfered with the process in principle. The bargain that has been lasting for 9 months intended to be broke up many times. Still, thanks to purposefulness and wish to satisfy the requirements of the client and sellers, the bargain was concluded.

During this long-term deal, Andrei got a huge experience in negotiations, understanding of clients needs, and solving of various issues in real estate sphere. This project became the brand’s starting point in the world of investment property. It gave confidence for ambitious goal-setting and work at difficult projects, providing the best service quality.

Now Hadgertes is developing successfully by interacting with investors from Baltic States and abroad. Within the next 5 years, it’s going to enter the European market.


Once ordering a suit for an important meeting at the tailor’s, Andrei realized that his working approach to choosing real estate is very similar to custom tailoring. That is when the brand’s philosophy appeared.

The adjective ‘tailor-made’ means ‘specially made for a particular person’. By applying this term to our services, we have created the company that is guided by principles of a personal approach, high quality, and first-grade specialists chosen according to your needs. We ensure you in a maximal individualization, the best technologies, and applied practices. So, a client decides on us to receive solutions that will satisfy all requirements and consider all tiny nuances thoroughly.

Individual investments solutions, restructuring of financial instruments, and special offers will meet clients demands and fit them like a tailor-made suit. It will be the best decision in conformity with all their specifications!

We select investment objects like a tailor who chooses the best materials – we orient towards your preferences in all issues. It’s like a master who helps to choose a fabric from five thousand presented materials to create a unique cut for a suit that will showcase all advantages of your body! We do the same, that’s why a personal interaction is a determining factor of finding an ideal property for you – be it residential or commercial.

When you order a suit, you hope to get it ideal by meeting your lifestyle and needs. Our imposing background in the real estate market allows us offering tailored solutions and building long-term relations. We can provide you with professional advice on any issues from all the existing property areas.

Core values

At Hadgertes, we achieve professional goals by taking thought-out and well-prepared actions supported by trust-based, honest, and conscientious attitude to work. Our team renders first-rate and expert services aimed at meeting needs and specifications of all customers. We will take into consideration all criteria and preference to offer you the most appropriate solutions in the market. Thanks to our flexible and individual approach, you are guaranteed to receive the result you were looking for.


Our mission is to serve as a connecting link between investors and property owners in the sphere of investment property all over Europe, providing clients with a high level of service quality and a possibility to dispose of their resources in the safest and the most profitable way.


Hadgertes vision is to be the leading real estate investment management company in Europe.