Data center for € 100 mn will arrive in Saue

With the help of Finnish and Estonian investors, as well as experts in technology, MCF Group Estonia OÜ is planning to build the largest data center in the Baltic in Saue next year. A large-scale project will cost approximately € 100 mn and should attract large foreign companies to store their data in Estonia.

Since 2015, the project has been led by the board member of the MCF Group Kert Evert, who has a background in the telecommunications sector and who previously worked, for example, as director of network management at Tele2 Eesti. Over time, Evert saw that the market had an empty niche for building a good data center.

“I worked in telecommunication firms for 20 years, started as a simple service engineer at Elisa. At one time, I also had my own company. For the previous employer, Tele2, I was able to build a new server room, which actually started the current project. In the process of finding the plot I have reached an understanding that not a single place to take”, – said Evert.

Now, according to the assessment of the project conductors, in Estonia with data centers things are bad from the point of view of risk reduction. Firstly, the reliability of the equipment must be ensured, and secondly, physical safety as well.

“If we are talking about the current server rooms that are built into office buildings, then this is already the first risk. The equipment room can be beautiful and sparkling, but what happens outside of it… In Tallinn, there is one building where the servers are in the basement, and the first floor is open to all – there are a dining room, toilets. If any pipe breaks, it will flood the entire basement. Or, for example, if the fat accumulated in the restaurant ventilation shaft burns, the building will be cleaned and the electricity will be turned off. Then there will be no benefit from diesel generators”, – said technical consultant of the company Mart Malsub.