In honor of Estonia’s 100th anniversary, Estonian wooden house manufacturers will present to the Republic of Estonia a modern wooden house, which will be erected in the Estonian Open Air Museum

The building, which will be completed in the first half of 2019, will complement the collection of rural architecture in the museum. The Center for the Examination of Wood will begin its work in the museum building (the initial term is 15 years, with the possibility of extension), and there will be an exhibition hall-showroom of the wood industry, sponsored by Enterprise Estonia (EAS). According to Argo Saul, the board member of Puiduklubi MTÜ, a wooden house, made at the plant, is one of the success stories of today’s Estonia and a great export item. “We are proud to say that Estonia has been the largest exporter of wooden houses in Europe since 2010, with more than 90% of the industry’s output going to foreign markets. It is also important to increase awareness, value and acquaintance with this area at home. The Center of Expertise in the Estonian Open Air Museum, which can be born only thanks to the good cooperation and contribution of many enterprises and organizations working in this sector, is created for this purpose”, – Saul said. According to the board member of Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum SA Merike Lang, the first step in the new conceptual direction of the museum exposition of the 21th century will be made by creating a modern wooden house made at the factory. “The exhibition building is an architectural whole that reflects modern technologies and materials, and also follows the principles of building an ecologically clean building. Why not to demonstrate the architecture of the beginning of the 21th century, without expecting 50-100 years,” – Lang said. “It is also noteworthy that the new museum building should be delivered to the museum as a gift from Puiduklubi MTÜ. It is an event of the year for Estonian culture,” – added Lang. In the building will work with visitors the Center for Rural Architecture of Estonian Open Air Museum, Estonian Union of Wooden Houses, Puiduklubi MTÜ and Tehasemaja OÜ. The cooperation agreement was concluded in the museum 22.08.2018 on the place of building construction.